Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Prayers for Little Lily!

One of the mommy's in my mommy group sent the group this post about her niece that was just born a week or so ago. When I watched the video, read the story and even looked up what type of heart condition she had, my heart just sank. It hit to close to home, with Nicholas having his own "uneak heart" as Savannah likes to say (she doesn't like to say defect as it sounds to harsh) and then having my own Lillian. I just thought that this family could use all the prayers they could get in hopes that little Lily is able to get a heart transplant before her time runs out.

This is the post she left us...


Just a request for prayers.... :)My niece was born last Monday with serious congenital heart defects.... and is in need of a heart transplant if she is to survive. She is in critical but stable condition right now.... Her name is Lily.Lily made the front page of the Toronto Sun newspaper today! :)There is also a short video of her, Kevin, and Melanie on the website. (Kevin is my husband's brother, Melanie is Kevin's fiancee).

http://www.torontos un.com/survive

She's still going strong.... :)

Amy :)

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