Friday, March 6, 2009

Surgery Date Changed

I got a phone call this afternoon from Nick's surgeon's nurse. She was asking if we could move his surgery from Wednesday, March 25 to Thursday March 26. Something about there being 3 surgeons needing the room or something. I didn't quite understand that part since Nick was scramming (wanting held) and Lilly was bugging me that she wanted her rice crispy treat open. I told her it would be no problem changing the date. Matt was wanting a Thursday anyway so he could work most of the week and only have off 2 days that week and all of the next week. I told her that I did have to call Tom from DSCC who set us up with 2 nights at a hotel.

Anyway, we are to now be there Thursday, March 26 at 5:00 am instead of Wednesday, March 25 at 7:00 am. He will be brought to surgery at 7:00 meaning his surgery will be done 2 hours sooner then before. I think he will be the first surgery for the day instead of the second like planned before.

I called Matt up and told him what was going on. That he needed to make his phone calls to his side and I would be making mine. He said he was just going to take that Wednesday off anyway because chances are I am going to have to pick him up in Decatur anyway and with all the running we will have to do the night before, it would just be easier that way. I had to agree with that one.

I then called Tom up but he was home for the day. I did talk to a lady he worked with and explained to her what was going on. She said that since we had to be there so early with the new date why don't we just keep the hotel room the night before so we can get some sleep. Don't know how much sleep we will get anyway. She is going to have Tom call me on Tuesday when he gets back to work and figure out how exactly we are going to do this.

Next I called my mom to tell her. My dad and her had decided they were going to leave at the same time we were to miss rush hour traffic. They also want to be there when Nick goes into surgery. I don't know if we are going to stay the night before there again like we did last time or just stay at home and meet up with them. That part is still up in the air but I do know the kids will be taking the bus there the day before.

Once done with my calls, which was mainly just to my mom and Tom, I called Matt to update him on my calls. He said he called his step dad, cousin Sandy, and his Aunt Diane.

So, his date has changed. I'm just thankful its only a day longer and they gave us plenty of notice. 20 days left till surgery day now.

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