Tuesday, March 24, 2009

They changed Nicholas Surgery Date... AGAIN! Ugh!

I know I shouldn't be upset by this but its not like its for another sick child or lack of sleep. I guess if you think about it though... its the same thing.

Anyway... Around 5:30 tonight the phone rings. I'm laying in the recliner with Nicholas on my chest sleeping. Matt answers the phone. I'm thinking/hoping its a call for him to go in for an interview with this other company. WRONG! I hear him say "he had surgery set up for tomorrow but they changed it for Thursday." Then I thought, it must be his work or something. Heck, I wasn't really sure after that.

He gets off the phone kinda upset and says... Well, they changed his surgery date again. I asked him to when, hoping it was just for Friday but nope, it wont be until Monday or Tuesday of next week. GREAT! ugh! That means all the people who have to change plans and Matt missing this whole week of work for Nothing. We were hoping to be home by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, not be going in then.

I guess what is going on is. Nicks surgeon's 90 yr old mom is having surgery herself on Friday. He will be leaving Thursday night. He doesn't want to do Nicholas Surgery that morning and then leaving him that evening, just in case something happens. I can understand that and respect him for thinking in that way. I can also understand him wanting to be there for his own mother as I would want to for mine and going through the same thing with my own son going through surgery... at some point. Just kinda upset that it now pro longs his surgery and all the people we have to call that took off days of work to be there for him or to help with the kids.

I called my mom to let them know about the change. We were just there today to drop clothes off for the older 3 kids since they would be watching them. They were planning on meeting us on the way to St. Louis and then riding behind them. Since their truck isn't running quite right they were planning on borrowing my brother's truck which means they had to go over to my brothers and let him know they wouldn't be needing it until next week. There was 2 people involved.

Matt called his parents to let them know. His mom took Thursday and Friday off and his step father already had Thursday off. Now they would both have to take Monday or Tuesday off meaning his step father would have to take two days off next week since he doesn't work on Thursdays anyway. There is 2 more people making it 4.

Then Matt had to call his cousin to let them know that they wouldn't be having Lilly tomorrow night but it would be more like Sunday or Monday night. They had plans where people would be helping them out with Lilly making it another set of family involved.

He then called his Aunt to let her know that she wouldn't be having Lilly on Thursday since she was going to be watching Lilly for his cousin while they worked. Now she has to arrange her schedule to watch Lilly then.

On top of that, Matt called the company that is helping us with a hotel room so they can change the dates again. He had it set for March 25-28 but then had to change it to March 26-29. Now it will have to be changed again and OMG I hope he has no problems with changing it.

So, we sit here on stand still not knowing what to do or when exactly it will be. Kids have most of their good clothes over at my parents which they are upset with. Guess we will just have to wait it out and pray nothing happens with Nicholas to pro long the surgery that way.

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  1. hugs, can't wait til this is over for you guys!!! Thinking of you!