Friday, April 3, 2009

Could things get any worse???

Ok... Took Nick and Lilly in for a check up this morning. Nick is getting better but they are wanting to hold of a bit longer for his surgery since he still has a cough. I suggested going back in Monday to see if he would be ok for surgery on Tuesday and if not then holding off a week or two so Matt can go back to work. He thought Nick would be ok for surgery by the end of next week but that's just to much time wasted. Matt would be off of work 3 weeks before even surgery happening. We just can't wait that long without any income coming in. This will be our first week with no pay check, next week our next. Thankfully they only hold one week back.

Dr K (doctor here) is waiting for a phone call from Nicks surgeon with what he wants to do. So now we are playing the waiting game once again. On a good note... he is up to 16 lbs 15 oz... yay... only ONE ounce away from 17 lbs. Sad thing is, we know and expect him to loose close to a pound during his hospital stay.

Ok... so the other news... ugh! We had Lilly checked out also. He checked her first and spent a lot of time listening to her chest and such. I didn't think much about it figuring he was listening to her lungs and all. But then I found it a bit funny that he was listening to her neck. All of a sudden he asked me if she had a heart mummer also.... WHAT??? I said no, why? He said, well... children her age in the 3 to 6 age range tend to have a mummer which is common but hers just doesn't sound like it should. He listen to her again very closely and then had her lay down so he could listen. I asked him what we should do about this. If we should have her looked at while Matt was home. He suggested that when we take Nick in for his post surgery check up to also have her looked at and see what the card. doctor says.

I have decided that I am NOT going to worry about this until its time to take him in. I have so much else going on it just wouldn't make since to worry myself sick over something that can't be done right now (I say this out loud, more for myself then you guys lol). I did tell Matt though, that if something did come up wrong with Lilly that we WILL be looking into his bio. father's family history. He doesn't know anything about his bio. father or his bio. family on that side. Not only do we need to look into that side of the family for Nick and Lilly but also for Matt who just came down with high blood pressure and now has to take meds... at just a young 26 yrs old.

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