Thursday, April 2, 2009

Major Mile Stone Complete... YAY!!!

Yesterday, I thought I would take Nicholas 9 month pictures a bit early since I have no idea when he will be going in for surgery.

I set up the dinning room table with a sheet for the background and a sheet on the table. I tend to like the lighter colors better then the dark as it takes away from the subject and makes the picture look a bit depressing, if you ask me lol.

I wanted to do a safari theme since I had this adorable safari digital scrapbook theme. I put on his lion outfit which to my surprise was a bit to small. Its 12 months but must run small.

Anyway, after getting him dressed and ready to go, Matt sat him on the table. Thinking he might fall over like he always does, Matt kept his hands close by. Nope, he did wonderfully, sitting there like a big boy, trying to grab all the stuffed animals that were around him and swinging them up in the air.

After pictures were done, which was so much fun to do. I wanted to work on his 9 month pages. I sat him on the floor with a big Trick or Treat pumpkin full of toys. He sat there pulling out all the toys he could and banging them against the pumpkin and didn't fall once.

YAY!!! One mile stone down (sitting unassisted) now just have crawling, walking, potty training and I'm sure the list goes on and on and on lol.

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