Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 6 ~ Home Coming Day!

I can't say that on day 6 Nick had a bad night. He was Mr Happy Boy who was smiling and laughing at everything. I would say I had a harder night then he did though lol. Matt left the room to go find a couch around 10:30. I wanted to wait until 11:30 to put Nick to sleep so he could get a dose of Tylenol and hopefully sleep peacefully. I finally got him to sleep around midnight but come around 12:30 in the morning he was up again, crying. I rocked him a bit but nothing I did would get him to sleep. I finally put him in bed and she decided to play the whole time. I though I would take a nap while he was playing but every time I would lay my head down he would start crying hard. Ended up I had to sit up with him to where he could see me until 4 am when the nurse came in. She was kind enough to take him with her for a couple hours until she had to make her next rounds.

At around 5:30 I woke up to Nick crying. She said told me how she put him in a rolling high chair and would push him along with her to where she had to go and how he would just laugh so hard that both his arms would just jiggle up and down. She said it was so funny.

At 5:00 he started to get crabby so she rocked him and he feel fast to sleep. This is when she tried to lay him down but once she did he woke up not to happy. I knew she had to make her rounds so I took over and was up ever since. Reminded me of having a newborn lol.

The day ended up being a good one though. We got the news that we could go home if his echo came back fine. At around noon they came in to do his echo and by 3:00 we got the go ahead to come home... YAY!!! I quickly packed up his things and out the door we went. It felt so good to be home again in OUR own beds.

We made it home around 5:30 and around 7:00 Matt's parents dropped Lilly off with all kinds of stories about Lilly and how she had been. The older 3 stayed another night at my parents and took the bus from their house to school today. They came home after school today.

Last night was about the same as the last two nights at the hospital. Every time I would try to lay him down he would start crying. The only way I could get any sleep was if I had him laying right next to me in bed. Poor Matt, who actually wanted to sleep in our bed last night, couldn't because I had a bed buddy lol. Thankfully we didn't get rid of his swing. He has been sleeping pretty good in it today... then again, it could be just because he is extremely tired from not sleeping well at night lol.

Today has been much better. I got him to sit up for about 15 minutes while he plays with his toys, although I'm very close to him in case he gets tired and falls over. He also experienced rolling over and was NOT happy lol. He quickly got on all 4s rocking and crying. We'll give that some more time.

All in all he has been doing real good and we are so happy to finally be home.

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