Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 3

I thought maybe I would get a free moment to post an update on Nicholas but OMG is it busy around here. Matt and I can NOT find a quit place to do anything. When we came into this lobby there was only him and I and maybe one other girl who was quietly on the phone. Now there is 4 lunch workers on their brake, 3 girls who look like they are office workers and a guy waxing the floor. Matt and I can not even talk without having to yell at one another and we are sitting right next to each other. UGH!!!

Anyway, Nicholas is doing great. We arrived here around 9:30. Nicholas was wide awake watching Elmo's world on TV. He was probably wondering what the heck this red guy was as we don't watch those shows lol. He was a bit fussy but after I was able to feed him a little more then 2 oz he feel fast to sleep. I wasn't able to hold him. They said not until the pace maker wires were out.

Matt went to smoke and while he was gone the nurse that helped in Nicholas surgery came in and told me how he was doing and more about his surgery. She explained to me that the patch they put in wasn't as big as I thought and the hole was also not as big as I thought but then again his heart wasn't as big as I thought also so it was still a pretty good size hole for the size of his heart. She explained about the small hole that they sewed up and even the size of the hole they made and later patched up. She drew it all on a diaper which I told them I was saving since it had her drawings on it and made it easier for me to show others later lol.

Mary is her name. Mary told me that she was planning on taking his pace maker wires out around 1:00 when he was awake and if Dr F was ok with it she would also like to take his fluid tube/bubbles out also. Last night before I left his fluid levels were 21.5 ~ 21.5. Well when we went in this morning they were only 7 ~ 6 which has dropped BIG TIME. YAY!!!! They are so pleased with these numbers. At his last surgery that was what was holding us off in us going home before was the fact they still had not taken the fluid tube out.

Mary also said that she thinks Nicholas will be able to go to a regular (floor) room tonight and if TCU does not have a bed ready for Nick he will stay there. He can stay in PICU up until one night before he leaves and still be ok with going home. That's fine with me except I wont be able to stay with him while he is in PICU and we need to know if he will be having his own room today or tomorrow as we have to call the company helping out with hotel stay so they can give us an extra night at the hotel.

Anyway, Matt and I went to get lunch and then headed back to see Nicholas. He was up kicking or more like holding his feet up in the air. I brought out the baby doll I brought of Lilly's that he loves and OMG my little man was back. He wanted to give the baby a kiss and hold the baby and there was even a few times he smiled and started to talk. That's was one of the first times... other then him going back for surgery, that I felt I could cry at a drop of a dime. It did my heart good to see him doing so well. I told Matt that the way Nick has been acting, I can tell he is going to have a fast and wonderful recovery.

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