Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nicholas CG Hospital Well Check Up!

I have tried to type this email I dont know how many times today lol. Just been one heck of a busy day.

Ok... here is the latest on Nicholas.

Went in this morning at 9:30 to CG hospital. They did blood work to check his white count, x-ray on his chest and a urin culture. He did great in getting the x-ray done. I was playing the "so big" game trying to make the fact they were holding his arms up high, as a game. It seemed to work.

He was a champ when it came to having his blood drawn. He only fussed as Matt puts it. If he had cried, the whole building would of heard it lol. I told Matt that when they go to put his IV in, I want to request this lady lol. She did a wonderful job.

As for the urin culture... that took awhile. We had to feed him and wait for him to pee in this little bag. How I found out he peed was when he went on me lol. It looked like I had peed my pants lol. Even the male nurse that did his x-ray (who had been talking to Matt the whole time about sports) teased me that he had some depends for me to use if I need some. I told him it was a bit to late lol.

We waited around an hour or two for the results and everything came back normal. YAY!!! Nick was healthy enough to have surgery.... FINALLY! We are to go in at 7:00 am tomorrow morning.

We left there and headed to my friends Lola and John's house to stay the night, who lives near St. Louis instead of going all the way home. On the way there we made all our phone calls to family and friends letting them know what was going on. My parents wont be able to come since they have my older 3 who are now out on Spring brake till April 14 (Maddy's 11th birthday). Matt's parents are now at a hotel in St. Louis and will meet us at the hospital in the morning. Lola is going to come sometime in the early evening to see how Nick and us are doing.

Well guess I better head to bed. Nick is finally sleeping... hopefully for the night. Matt is on the other part of the couch snoring away. I can tell that 4:30 is going to come way to early lol. Will update everyone when I get a Chance.

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  1. I'm thinking about you guys. So glad everything looks good for Nicholas. He does sound like a trooper!

    Prayers headed your way for the day!