Tuesday, January 13, 2009

6 Month Shots!

Was not looking forward to today's WIC appointment and the dreaded 6 month shots, but had to be done. Matt and I left as soon as Maddy was home from school. Thankfully Chandler is old enough now to watch the kids for us so we don't have to bring Lilly with us.

After going through all the normal paper work, questions and just every day chat Nicholas finally got his shots... 3 of them! Poor baby just had his RSV shots on Friday (2 of those) and now 3 today. He was a trooper though. He hardly cried for the first one and after the second two, which have a bite to them, I fed him a bottle and he was fine... actually went fast to sleep. Once we got home (after a quick run to the store) he woke up and was back to his happy self.

While there, we were told that he now gets juice on his WIC package meaning he can start having juices... YAY!!! he should love something other then formula. I'm still a bit worried about the calories so the highest calorie juice we can find he will have. He is also at the age where he can start playing around with a sippy cup and even a cup. He got a sippy cup that can also be a cup, from WIC. I still have Lillian's that she played around with when she was his age. When we were at the store we picked him up his first soft nippled sippy cup... blue of course lol.

So other then his RSV shots each month and a flu shot if his doctors give the ok, he has NO MORE shots until he is 12 months old... YAY to that! If only that was the only thing he would have to do. We know that in 2 months surgery is in his future. I wish it was only shots in 2 months... if only!

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