Sunday, January 18, 2009

First Temper Tantrum

Ah, yes... the first temper tantrum and the starting of many to come.

At just a week over 6 months old Nick has had his first temper tantrum tonight. It was kinda funny/cute. He was sitting in my lap as I was playing on the computer. Normally he likes to watch the screen with new pictures coming and going but tonight... nope. He started fussing and then all of a sudden he flings his head back and stiffens up. I turned him around to face me, talked to him for a minute and then went back to what I was doing, still with him facing me. He then pushes on me and starts to scream. I turned him back to face the computer and he had another head flinging, stiffening moment. I kinda chuckled and told Matt.... would you look at this, Nick is having his first temper tantrum.

I handed him to Matt who was sitting down watching football. Normally Nick loves to watch football but I guess he wasn't in the mood tonight. He did the same exact thing to Matt. We both laughed. I picked him back up and sat him down with me in the recliner. He turned his head into me which indicted that he was wanting to nap. I fixed him to his nap position and fast asleep he went.

Who would of thought they had their first temper tantrums at such a young 6 months of age but I guess they do. Nick is proof of that lol. Its cute now, but I know for a fact (from history with my other children) its not cute when they are older lol. Lets hope he outgrows this but I know thats just wishful thinking lol.

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