Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nicholas First Fever!

I had hoped that we would get through this whole winter without any fevers or sickness, that would cause worry about Nick. I knew it wouldn't last for long. This morning Nick felt hot. I checked his temp and even though it was a low grade fever it was enough to keep an eye on (99.6). I gave him some Tylenol and he took a nap. When he got up a couple hours later he was feeling hot again. This time he was hotter then before 101.3. I checked it 3x to make sure and the other 2x it was 100.1. Matt and I figured it might of been high because he had just had a warm bottle so we would wait to see if this new round of Tylenol would bring it down and then see how it turns out later.

We checked him a half hour after his second dose of Tylenol and it had went down to 98.9. That was about 4 hours ago and so far it doesn't seem like he is running a fever, although he is taking his evening nap so we shall see what it is when he gets up for his last feeding of the night. I'm hoping we make it at least till his check up tomorrow at St. Louis.

Even though he has had a fever all day today he has been in pretty good spirits, although that's if someone is holding him. I got pretty good at being able to type on my laptop with one hand and holding him with another lol.

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  1. I hope his fever stayed down and his appointment goes ok today. I'll be thinking about him.