Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nicholas first big spoonful!

Today isn't really the first day I fed Nick off a spoon but it is the first time he really ate off of one.

I started him on cereal a couple weeks ago but only in a bottle and it wasn't every day... just every so often. He did fine with that so I thought... hum... lets try him on baby food... applesauce of choice. When I tried the first time a few days ago he would have nothing to do with it. He got maybe a bite or two and that's it. So tonight I thought I would try again and I have to say he did pretty good. It was funny/cute though. When I would give him a bite he would make this face as if I just fed him a lemon. Was the applesauce that bitter lol. Lilly didn't seem to mind it. She had to try a bite... or two... out just to make sure it was good enough lol. Finally I had to tell her it was Nicks dinner and that she had hers... cheese burger and fries. She kept telling me... now Lilly's turn lol.

Nick did so well that he just about ate a whole 4 oz jar full. There was just a bit left so I stuck it in a bottle with some cereal and formula and he downed another 5 oz of that. Ever since I started him on cereal he has been eating like a little piggy (for him anyway lol). Lets hope for some good weight gain this week.

Oh and yes... he is doing wonderful on his weight gain. As of a week ago Monday, he was up to 13 lbs 4 oz. He has gained about a pound, if not more, a month since his surgery. We are hoping for 13 lbs 9 oz this coming Friday and maybe even make it to 14 lbs by time he goes to St. Louis on the 16th. He is even starting to get some chunker legs which I just love to tickle lol.

I did take some pictures of him eating that I still need to upload from my camera and plan on putting into my dropshots. I will try to get one into my myspace for everyone to see. Its adorable!

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