Sunday, January 18, 2009

January St. Louis Check Up!

I know this is days behind but I guess better late then never.

My mom woke me up at 6:00 to tell me that it was to cold out for the kids to walk to school and since they had just a half day, just to drop them off at her house so she wouldn't have to worry about them walking to school or getting on the bus to get to her house. No problem! lol

We were ready and out of the house by 7:30. Yep! ALL 7 of us lol. Thankfully I had packed Nick and Lilly's bags the night before and got all the things we would need like double stroller, ready also.

After dropping the older kids off at my parents we headed for St. Louis. Nick and Lilly slept most of the way there. With this weather, it kind of sucks. It was -3 out and I was so worried Nick would be to cold so all I did was put his snowsuit on with a blanket to cover him. After about an hour in the van he started fussing and when I checked on him he was so hot he was sweating. I had to take him out of his seat to take his snowsuit off. After that we just hurried from place to place with his snowsuit over his body and blanket over his car seat. It worked fine since I could just take the snowsuit out once we got in the van for the 2 hour drive there and back.

When we got there we went in the office we normally go in, just to find out that a couple days before they moved cardiologist to another department. They now have their own office for just the heart.

We were brought into a room where Nick was weighted. On their scale, he was 14 lbs 2 oz. YAY!!! Last time we were there on November 7, he was only 11 lbs 4 oz so he gained almost 3 lbs in little over 2 months. He had changed so much since they saw him last.

His doctor and two interns brought me down to have his echo done. This is where the fun begins. Since Nick was not feeling well at all the night before and then he was not wanting to sit still for the echo which meant they had a hard time seeing his heart the way they wanted. I knew he was tired and just wanted held but I also knew they had to get this done. Finally I said something to the lady doing his echo about him being tired and she said if I could get him to sleep that would be great. Sure enough, as soon as I picked him up and wrapped him in his Dallas Cowboys blanket, he snuggled right into me and within a few minutes he was fast to sleep. She was now able to finish his echo.

What always sticks in my mind is when his doctor told the two interns that they would want to see this echo because Nick has a "true" VSD.

Matt and Lilly waited in the room for us while we were getting the echo done. When we got back to the room Matt and Lilly had gone through Lilly's goody backpack (full of toys, animal cookies, candy and more) eating away. Lilly gets this backpack full of goodies ONLY when we go to the doctors. It keeps her happy and when she is happy, we are happy lol.

His doctor came back in the room and told us that his echo came back fine. He checked Nick out some more and asked questions about how his mile stones have been going. I explained to him everything that had been going on for the past 2 months. He was very pleased in how well Nick is doing but said that he does want his surgery to be done no later then the next month or two.

So now we are waiting on a phone call from his nurse to tell us when his heart cath will be done in February and by early to mid March he will be having his surgery. Now that I know his surgery will not interfere with his mile stones, I'm ready to get it over with and to move on from here hopefully with NO MORE surgeries.

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