Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Heart cath date set... so far!

I got the phone call this morning about Nicks heart cath. Looks like it's set for February 10. We are to be there around 6:30in the morning. Nick is not to have any formula after 2 in the morning. She said she is going to call the night before to make sure he has no signs of a cold, fever or rash or they will not do his heart cath. She is also going to go over everything again that needs to be done on our end and that they will be doing on their end.

They will start the heart cath around 8:30 a.m. It should take about 3 to 4 hours and then he will be in recovery for about a half hour. Once he is put in his room they will monitor him for about 6 hours (since they will be knocking him out). If everything goes ok, we should be able to go home around 6:30 that evening.

The following Monday (I'm thinking around February 16) , everyone that will have part in his surgery will get together for a meeting and talk about how they want to do his surgery. We will then get a phone call on when we are to come back to talk to his heart doctor who will tell us what they decided to do and what date it will be done on. She figures they will want to see us around the Monday after their meeting. His heart doctor said that he would like to have the surgery done first to mid March.

Not a great time for Matt to be starting a new job but this new job seem to be pretty understanding about all this and willing to work with him. Right now he is there going through orientation. He told me to text him as soon as I got the news as he was turning his phone to vibrate. I did just that and a few minutes later he called me. Thankfully the orientation hadn't started yet. I told him that Donna (nurse that called) still had to talk to the man who would be doing the heart cath and see if this date would work for him. Either way she is going to call me back this evening to tell me for sure either way. I'm to text Matt again to let him know if its a for sure go.

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